Saturday, May 03, 2014

Thumbtack Has A Point

In the crazy world of vendor vetting and client culling comes a new hero in the form of a website. A website so simple in concept, so pure in intention as to raise the cynical hackles of weary internet hucksters and anxious neophytes alike. strives to streamline and simplify the struggles of finding the perfect person or company to get the job done while helping those looking for jobs another tool in their hands to snag a new client.

Free to use for clients, and a pay-as-you-bid for jobs system for businesses, the site leans a little heavy on the vetting the businesses while leaving those asking for bids a free reign to be flaky. Only a problem if you find you're paying to make multiple bids on dubious jobs. (They do offer a 48 hour "no response" refund of the biding fee.) The costs are not prohibitive but businesses would do well to hone their crazy client senses.

I look forward to exploiting for all it's worth.

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Anonymous said...

Giving it a try. So far so good!