Saturday, November 12, 2005

Phalangeal Fun

Driven to boredom one Sunday afternoon we here at PANGEA decided to give the world The Finger. It was a lark that lashed back with such furious vengeance that we were, to say the least, shocked. We wished no ill will; merely we were attempting an experiment to create a new character through the magic of digital video – a character who could stand alone, in vulgar defiance of the status quo – a character simply called, “The Finger.”

The Finger

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

PANGEA Flush with Pride

Stan Lee, a man of unquestionable talent and explosive creativity, called us for a favor -- how could we refuse? Mr. Lee needed to squeeze out a short video for C.R.A.P. (Constipated Retired American People). Taking our cue from the man who heaved-up the gigantic character of Bruce Banner we produced the following PSA. (With special thanks to Ang Lee, fellow sufferer and avid anal ailment advocate.)


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Zorro Sets Silver Screen Afire!

On October 16, 2005, the Pangeals were honored to attend the big downtown Los Angeles/Hollywood premiere of "The Legend of Zorro." We got choice seats along the red carpet, right in front of the propane-fueled blazing "Z" (witness this shot of the two stars, Zeta-Jones and Banderas).

We couldn't help but notice the fire got hotter and hotter and blazed all the more as Catherine and Antonio approached. As we sat and watched the film, we applauded at every use of a cart and barrel, gunpowder and any swashbuckling hijinx, as this was the cornerstone of the toy line we developed in concert with Zorro Productions and Giochi Preziosi.

Though our favorite villain we created, Senor Muerte,
didn't make the final cut in the film, we were overwhelmed by the performance of Adrian Alonso, the son of Zorro and Elena. Complimenting the action every step of the way was a fantastic score by James Horner, the heir apparent to the recently deceased Jerry Goldsmith. The party afterwards was equally breathtaking. Our thanks to our psychophysiologist friend and film producer, John Gertz, for inviting us and showing us a grand time. And good luck to director Martin Campbell on his next picture, a remake of the Peter Sellers classic James Bond film, "Casino Royale."

No More Picking On Dim

PANGEA has often leapt from the precipice of public perception without regard to the onslaught of lawsuits. It was in just such a state that we foolhardily produced this trailer for “A.1.” It flagrantly flaunts itself as a loving tribute to the brilliance that was Stanley Kubrick, a brilliance so aptly imitated by Mr. Spielberg in the film “A.I.” So with blatant disregard to the cease and desist order signed by Superior Court Judge Karen Nudell we present “A.1.”

A.1 Trailer

Monday, November 07, 2005

No Child Left Behind

It has been a long held belief here at PANGEA that education is the key. A magical key with unearthly powers held just out of reach by the mind-sucking aliens who control our precious educational institutions. We here at PANGEA have begun the revolution to take back the minds of our moronically educated public school kids with our own primer. A primer tuned to provide the youth of today with the alien killing tools of tomorrow. It’s our hope, nay – our destiny, to provide every school going child who can afford $29.95 this PANGEA primer entitled Prim & Proper. Read it and weep alien overlords!

Prim & Proper

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Flight of Fancy

Back in the days when “One-eyed Willie” referred to only one man, the great and often overlooked documentarian Boris Baktov began his most ambitious work ever on the elusive Wiley Post. Though left uncompleted when Boris was forced to flee the country under pressure of prosecution (word had traveled from Purcell, Oklahoma to the state capitol that Baktov was a Russian spy and was teaching art history at the University of Oklahoma), we have recently recovered some film previously thought destroyed. It is incriminating evidence for a man on the run, but also a tribute to a man who felt the American spirit like it was a seething, beating thing which could be surgically removed. Here now for the first time we present the lost footage of Boris Baktov's masterpiece in the making, "Wiley Post."

Wiley Post