Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Elmo's Eyes

Kids love their moms. And certainly one day, when singer Katy Perry has children, she will be adored.

She will be able to share her special "collector's edition" appearance on Sesame Street (not every mom gets to sing for Elmo) -- an episode that unfortunately or fortunately didn't get out of the scrutiny gate and onto PBS. She will be able to explain what it's like to have Elmo run circles around her. It'll be fun.

She'll also be able to share her appearance on SNL as a 16 year-old library volunteer. Her kids will think it's cute that Elmo's face is on mommy's chest. But why weren't Elmo's eyes pulled down and into proper placement to complete the dimensional satire? In fact, if it had to be done all over, Katy would have fared better playing opposite Cookie Monster. His googly eyes would have been even more appropriate across Katy's chest. Plus there's that subliminal connection to kids' favorite snack: milk and cookies.

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