Thursday, August 06, 2009

Remember when eating crayons was enough? Well, now you can drink them. Perhaps the paraffin that sticks to your teeth when you chew on solid crayons can be diluted, washed away and ingested with each fruity-flavored can of "all natural" Crayons drink. Select the proper color -- you wouldn't want to clash against the color of crayon that you've been gnawing on -- then knock one back and feel the color coat your throat. Once the chewed crayons and drink are in you, your stomach acids will go to work, mixing and churning the colors into a kaleidoscope of swirly bright belly juice. When it's time to evacuate your bodily waste, you'll want to open up your favorite coloring book and begin your own Picasso masterpiss -- uh, piece. Be sure to let it all loose and by all means, stay inside the lines. Cheers!

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