Monday, December 08, 2008

Amazing Time Travel Experience!

Folks, it feels like about 20 seconds and yet, somehow, a lifetime. Since our precious blog entry on September 20, 2007 -- what is now well over a year and nearly three months -- so much has changed.

Who would have guessed that a client would have called us on September 21, 2007 and told us to take the next flight to Switzerland to pursue a project that would change the very shape and course of not only our business, but our very lives -- and the lives of those who care to follow us.

And so it was that Little Dog and Big Dog put down their laptops, slipped their iPhones into their pockets and entered the security maze at LAX, that very evening. Red eyeing to Switzerland -- just like we were told -- as soon as possible.

This blog entry could take up more than a terabyte of space if we were to chronicle all the details.

What's important is that we looked at each other in disbelief when we disembarked the aircraft. Waiting for us at the gate was none other that Igor Volovich and Irina Aref'eva, our dear phenomenologists friends. And who dared to challenge their bold assertion did not notice they were more than qualified to make such claims. But let's not get bogged down in the blogosphere about endorsements. Let us focus on the exciting news!

The CERN's Large Hadron Collider has been tested, ladies and gentlemen! We were the guinea pigs, though you will not hear about this beyond this posting for reasons of international security. For now, Little Dog and I chortle at those who declare us mad -- who say we are hoaxsters. Okay, we're putting on a rouse. There. We said it. We did not go time traveling. Despite our compelling evidence we have in our possession.

For the record, we did not enter a traversable wormhole. We did not spend over one year of our lives traveling at will into the future and the future of the future. That never happened. Clearly, how could we have initiated time travel before time travel was possible? The fact that this news is just now becoming mainstreamed on the internet means absolutely nothing.

By the way, the winning lottery numbers for December 8th, Evening Daily 3 Draw in California, are 1, 3 and 5. Don't be a fool and check it out. If those ARE the right numbers (and they are) that isn't proof of anything, except that we're good guessers, right?

The facts are, PANGEA is now PANGAEA. And if you want to know what to do, you need only ask.

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