Saturday, November 05, 2005

A First Trimester Tragedy

It began as one man’s dream and ended in a nightmare for millions. I am referring, of course, to “Pig Racer.” A project conceived in the back alley of animation and aborted into a ninth grade science class -- where it floats today, in a formaldehyde coffin for all to see. And now you can see it too.

Originally conceived as a prequel to "Love That Bob," "Pig Racer" got off to a bumpy start in the development department, where short-fused writer, Danny Maris, derided the notion of Bob being a pig. His objections were not religious, as some have speculated, but rather hormonal. Seems Maris was in the last throws of sexual reassignment -– his/her estrogen levels were peaking and her/his pork tolerance was at an all time low. Regardless of the reasoning behind this pro-choice aborted premise, all that remains is this pre-production teaser. We dedicate this presentation to Danniela Maris -- it was your right.
Pig Racer

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